We would like to thank all participants for their coming!

Here you find the lectures of the congress as pdf download and some impressions of the congress:

Topics of the congress

Five thematic blocks will be presented in parallel in two large and three small lecture rooms. In four lecture rooms (room 1-4) the topics are green roofs and green facades. The fifth lecture room (room 5) is exclusively reserved for the topic green indoor areas. One thematic block comprises three thirty-minute lectures (including discussion) and is led by a moderator. The participants are given the opportunity to switch between thematic blocks and lectures held in parallel.


Congress Program and List of Exhibitors at a glance


Tuesday, June 20th, 2017:

1st day of the event

9:00 am: Lectures


Funding and other financial Inscentives - Strategies for Building Greenup

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Deletic, Prof. Ane

Green Blue walls for greywater and stormwater treatment and management

Dreiseitl, Prof. Herbert

Rainwater experience. Open space quality, health, lifestile

Grimm, Karl

Rainwater Management in Urban Design
Haag, Dipl.-Ing. Leilah
& Coenradie, Dr.-Ing. Bodo
Remote sensing green roof mapping and inventory analysis – the example Berlin
Klärle , Prof. Dr. Martina
& Siehl, Achim
The Online Green Roof Cadastre of Marburg city

Matzinger, Dr. Andreas

Integrated planning of stormwater measures based on their multiple effects – results of the KURAS project

Roehr, Prof. Daniel

"Living" Roofs in Integrated Urban Water Systems
Uhl, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mathias Urban Water Balance as an objective of Water Sensitive Urban Design

Wang, Prof. Zhao-long

Sponge Cities Program in China: Key Techniques for Sponge Grassland

Green indoor areas




Bucher, Dr. Annette

Support of the air-conditioning of energetically highly efficient buildings by vertical interior greening

Molitor, Dr. Heinz-Dieter

How to support plants of indoor greening correctly

Strauch, Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz

Light, Air and Temperature in indoor greening

Zemp, Gerhard

Greening of buildings – Architecture and Nature in crowded cities

5:00 pm: Awards
6:00 pm: Press conference
7:00 pm: Conference dinner


Wednesday, June 21st, 2017:

2nd day of the event

9:00 am: Lectures


Architecture - Projects - Best Practice



Auböck, Prof. DI Maria
& Kárász, Mag. János
Rooftop design - examples from Vienna and Munich
Briz, Prof. Dr. Julian URBAN AGRICULTURE: Challenges and opportunities

Dillon, Matthew

Green Infrastructure and Living Architecture Design in Sydney, Australia

Faucon, Philippe

Toit Tout Vert - Intensive urban farming under a greenhouse on a roof in Paris
Kuhn, Michael & Felix Holzapfel-Herziger City-Garden on a Bunker, Hamburg St. Pauli: Grey to Green

Küsters, Peter

Flow Control System 4.0 Smart Flow Control - status of modern rain water management

Rauschen, Igor

Green roofs and photovoltaics from the point of view of an engineer
Ruttensperger, Stefan
& Knapp, Stefan
Power green roof

Soravia, Mag. Jasmin

Skyline of Vienna is getting green

Specht, Katrin

“Zero-acreage farming (ZFarming)” – Nutzung von Dächern, Fassaden und alten Fabriken in Städten zur Nahrungsmittelproduktion
Ulreich, Mag. Hans-Jörg A delicate plant
Velazquez, Linda S. 2017 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design

Maintenance and Care




Jäckel, Dr. Barbara

Important parameters of maintenance and care to preserve vital interior greenery and façade greening

Krupka, Bernd W.

Sustainable maintenance and care of green roofs to preserve functionality and biodiversity

Kumar, Hema

Creativity and Challenges in creating high raise green walls

City of the Future




Armour, Tom

Greenprint for Cities

Eyink, Prof. Dr. Hagen

White Paper “Green in the City”

Fischer, Dr. Bernhard

Green buildings and their use as an active environmental and climate potential

Senator Lompscher, Katrin

City of the Future

Oldeland, Martin

City of the future and urban greening

Prytula, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael

National platform – City of the future

Schröpfer, Prof. Dr. Thomas

Innovative Building Types for Sustainable Urban Architecture

Green indoor areas



Espoz Babul, Ignacio Indoor Green Walls a better quality of life

Herrmannsdörfer, Jürgen

Company network for green indoor areas

Pungkothai, Kay

Beyond Greening – Raising The Social and Health Value of Skyrise Greenery

Strauch, Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz

Indoor irrigation strategies

Teuber, Frank

Enthusiasm for plants by the consumer – a mega trend?

From approx. 5:00 pm: After work experience exchange


Thursday, June 22nd, 2017:

3rd day of the event
From 8:30 am – 4:00 pm excursions in Berlin with expert guides

  • Excursion 1: Green roofs
  • Excursion 2: Green walls / living walls
  • Excursion 3: Green indoor areas
  • Excursion 4: Green buildings (Green roofs, walls and indoor areas)
  • Excursion 5: Urban Greenspace ((parks, green track beds…)




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